The MICROSPINERGY project started in October 2020, and stands for “Solid state micro-batteries as miniature energy source“. The main goal is to develop high performing thin film all-solid-state-lithium-ion microbatteries to be implemented in sensor nodes for the Internet of Things. This project aims to improve the kinetics of ion transport at the interfaces through fine control of the materials phase and composition at the grain and grain boundaries in order to significantly increase the power density and capacity of the state-of-the-art microbatteries at high charge/discharge rates.

News about the project

I am contributing with two talks related to the Microspinergy project at the 2021 MRS Fall Meeting.

I participated on the 2021 European Researchers’ Night by giving a talk to high-school students (>90 people) from the Institut Les Corts in Barcelona on September 22nd. The talk dealt with the future of batteries in the framework of the Microspinergy project. Check out this link to see some of the details.

Are you interested in knowing how do the batteries of the future look like? Register to the 14a Festa de la Ciència de Barcelona on Sunday 13th June and come to learn how a battery works, what are their limitations and why we need a different technology that could expand the capabilities of current batteries.

This talk will be held in Catalan and it is entitled «Més enllà dels límits de les bateries«.

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